Preventative Maintenance

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Have you been locked safe? We are proud to introduce a brand new preventative maintenance contract for your home. What’s included?
• A Full Home Security Inspection twice a year.
• Adjustments and maintenance will be performed twice a year.
• You will receive 10% off list price for all parts.
• Your Home gets rekeyed once a year with 4 keys supplied. Additional keys are only $2.00 each.
• All products purchased through Loksafe come with the manufactures warranty.
• Our labor is under warranty for 90 days.

Starts at $149.00 a year with 1 visit once every 6 months for up to 3 exterior doors, each additional exterior door is only $5.00 more. All Interior doors are included. Loksafe does not provide carpentry type work, residential frame and/or door replacement. Call us or email us if you would like to sign up or would like more information.